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What Makes Camping Trip Meals Good?

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There are different things that you need to take care of when you are backpacking for a trip such as weather forecasts, permits, gear packing, and camping meals. It might be a tad difficult to figure out what to eat. At the end of the day, you are going to be exhausted and will hanker for a filling but delicious food. The question is how to make your camping trip meals good enough? You should backpack meals that meet the criteria given below.

What Makes Camping Trip Meals Good?
What Makes Camping Trip Meals Good?

Tastes Good

Surely, you would like to pack meals that are tasty. There is no point in carrying food that you would not like to eat. Go for the food items which are going to make you feel at home. In case you are cooking as a group, you have to consider the taste preference of all the members of the group. For instance, you might like the spicy chicken chili dish but that might not be a good choice for someone in the group who is a vegetarian and doesn’t like spicy food. If you are purchasing packed camping meals make sure you read the reviews. This will tell you if these items are a good choice.

Camping Trip Meals Should Be Filling

When you are hiking during the camp, you are going to burn calories. Hence, it is better to pack food that has higher calorie content than what you usually consume at home. You might want to consume twice the calorie you have at home. When you purchase dehydrated or packed camping meals, make sure that you read the labels. Some of the items might claim to serve 2 people but will hardly provide you with 100 calories in each serving. This is not enough for you. Campers can eat the whole packets. Thus, if you are getting them, you should add in some extras.

Doesn’t Weigh Much

You are going to carry everything on your back. So, the weight that you can carry is a significant factor when it comes to planning the meal. The best meals have a high weight to calorie ratio and do not usually take up a great amount of space. Dehydrated and freeze meals are perfect as they do not contain water. In case you are collecting your own meals, it is better to opt for dry meals where you can and then repack the good in ziplock bags. This will reduce packaging needs. Make sure that you label the bags and add the cooking directions.

What Makes Camping Trip Meals Good?
What Makes Camping Trip Meals Good?

Keeps You Healthy

Check the nutrition label while choosing meals. It should have enough carbohydrates and protein to cater to your diet requirements. Usually, dry and frozen meals are high on carbohydrates but low in fat and protein. Also, camping meals have a great amount of sodium as you are going to lose loads of salt when you sweat. Also, it balances the taste of food. In case you do not want a lot of salt, check the labels for sodium levels.

Easy To Cook- Camping Trip Meals

When you cook while camping, the best meals are the ones which are simple to cook. Meals that can be cooked just by adding boiling water or one-pot meals prevents hassles and saves time. Moreover, they make cleanup pretty easier. Many might like to bake or experiment but easy meals are the best.

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