The Top Five Best Free Fun Desserts -

The Top Five Best Free Fun Desserts

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It is important for us to have a variety of fun desserts at our parties. Whether we are having a kid’s birthday party or a cocktail party, we should be able to make the best of the situation and have many different desserts to offer. Of course, we all know that the traditional ice cream and cake is always a hit, but what if we had our own versions of the classics? Here are some fun ideas.

One of the classic favorites when it comes to deserts is chocolate. With a few recipes thrown in, this can be a very easy dessert recipe. However, there are so many different versions on the market today, that sometimes having to go out and buy more than just the simple chocolate itself can drive you nuts! If you look online, you can find more fun desserts with chocolate, including a very fun fudge that is made with peanut butter and caramel.

Make Peanut Butter As A Fun Dessert

If you want to try something different but don’t necessarily like chocolate or banana splits, you might want to try one of the many fun desserts with peanut butter. There are various flavors of this cookie, and you can add just about anything to it to turn it into a fun treat. You can even find peanut butter cookies that have a variety of different flavors such as banana, cinnamon, or coconut. You can even get creative by mixing different flavors together for a different taste, such as fudge or cinnamon swirl.

Another great idea for desserts is to use easy dessert recipes and simply use a variety of ingredients to create a crust. For instance, instead of using a traditional pie shell, you can take an aluminum foil and wrap it around the base of your frozen dessert. This will help prevent the crust from melting. The next time you want to go out to dinner, you can simply take the foil off and bake a tortilla sandwich on the base of the tortilla shell, which is an easy dessert to make.


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Other great ideas for desserts include making your own fruit cookies. Instead of using store-bought fruit cookies, you can buy a pre-made package of almond or coconut cookies and use your own mix of ingredients to make your own fruit cookies. If you are a total nut lover, you can also make a walnut crust for your cookies. All you have to do is add walnuts to the dough and then roll the dough around in the flour and place in the freezer for about an hour before baking.

Besides fruit and chocolate desserts, you can also try some fun and delicious cakes made with a blend of crushed ice and chocolate pudding mix. There are several different recipes for this dessert, and most are fairly simple to make. You can try an oreo cake mix if you prefer a richer flavor or an Irish cream cake if you are looking for a lighter version. As long as you have fun doing it, you can choose whichever you like best.

Triple Layer Cake

For another one of a kind treat, consider trying a triple layer cake with graham crackers on top. Instead of using graham crackers and ice, you can use granola, nuts, or just about anything else as your base for the layers. The frosting is usually another one of these easy-to-make desserts. You can go with a lemon meringue mix for a twist, or even go with a lemon cake or sponge combination.

Wrapping Up

Another fun dessert idea is to make a recipe called cool whip. To make this cool whip, simply combine equal parts of butter and sugar. Then add in some milk, a little bit of vanilla extract, and mix until smooth. Frost the top with a bit of butter and sprinkle over some powdered sugar. You can refrigerate this until needed, or heat up some tortilla chips and dip the bar into the mixture before serving.

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