The Best Camping Desserts In Foil - The Best Camping Desserts In Foil -

The Best Camping Desserts In Foil

camping desserts in foil

Nothing is as grim as tasteless hiking food or bad hiking meals, and none of the hiking preparation criteria seems as awkward as that perpetual feeling: planning how much hiking food to reserve? What kind of camping food lasts in the backpack for many days? Which hiking mornings taste good even after a week? What about snacks? Supplement? Chocolate, nuts, biscuits? Rum juice?

Is Camping Food Rich In Energy?

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The average hiker usually consumes 2000-4000 kcal per day, even more in cold weather. It’s worth remembering that eating habits and nutritional needs are always individual, so what works for me may not be suitable for you. Fortunately, everyone knows their own bellies best, which is why you can apply and use these menu cards well when planning hiking meals and camping food.

Campfire Banana

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The campfire banana is a trip desert classic. An incision is made on the other side of the banana. Three pieces of chocolate are placed in the incision. The banana is cooked on the charcoal’s edge, occasionally turning, until the chocolate has melted. You can use foil for cooking, but you will succeed without it if you can look after the delicacy. In the same way, You can prepare peach, nectarine or pear. The fruit is split, the stone or seed coat is removed, and chocolate is placed inside. The delicacy is wrapped in foil and cooked.

Caramel Apples

Sour apples (e.g. granny smith variety) are cut into boat-like blocks (block potato-shaped) about an inch thick. The pan is heated with a decent chunk of fat. The apple slices are baked in small batches by turning in a frying pan. Maturation is noticed by the change in colour of the peel and the softening of the apple. Finally, sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons of brown sugar/apple on the surface. Stir until the sugar has melted and the apples have a caramel icing. The delicacies are enjoyed as such or in combination with whipped vanilla sauce. Alternatively, the warm apple slices can be rotated in the cinnamon mixture. In the absence of brown sugar, plain sugar comes from the substitute. The recipe can also try caramelizing a banana, pear or other fruit.


About 50 grams of butter is melted in the digester, and almost half a package of Digestive biscuits, for example, is crushed into the melted butter. The kettle pot (or loose bottom pan) is lined with baking paper, and the bottom is pressed into a dense layer to solidify. Two deciliters of whipped cream are whipped into a foam, and a package of unflavoured cream cheese is added. You can also include blueberries or some fruity baby food to bring the flavour. Soak 4-5 gelatin leaves in cold water for about five minutes and squeeze out any excess water by hand. The leaves are dissolved in a couple of tablespoons of near-boiling water, and the resulting solution is added as a slightly cooled thin strip with good stirring to the cream cheese mixture. The mixture is spread on top of the base, and the cake is left to solidify for a few hours. This delicacy is excellent for making in the winter.

The Last One: Chocolate Fondue With Trangia

With an oven, the explorers heat the chocolate and combine a little milk into it. They were slicing a lot of berries. Pleasant fruits for chocolate dipping include mango, banana, pear and pineapple, but much more job. By way of a fork, bits of fruit are coated in chocolate.

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