Summer Camping Desserts – Fire kettle Campfire Sweets

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He would bring two coolers, a cooler filled with ice, and a big pan of grease rich in vegetable oil. There we’d do all sorts of things that are still taught to me today. Here are some great camping desserts to get you started on your own campfire odyssey.

Honey Bad, Don’t Eat This! This recipe is just as easy to make as it is fun to eat. With fresh strawberries and a pack of quality vanilla wafers, you could have a great sweet treat any time of the year. After baking the wafers in the oven, simply cut them into small pieces and fry them on top of hot coals.

Campfire Coffee Donuts

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For this easy to make and delicious dessert, all you need is an old-fashioned waffle maker and griddle. Fill with coffee or tea (or soda) for a caffeine boost, then top with your favorite topping. It’s also great to serve these on top of an already hot breakfast, such as eggs and bacon. If your waffle maker comes with griddles, you’ll be able to eat them right out of the pan on your campfire grill.

Campfire Energy Baking Chips

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These super-nutritious little chips are a healthy alternative to fries. Just mix equal parts peanut and potato flour with your favorite flavors. Most cookbooks will advise you to bake your own chips. For a healthier option, you can purchase the tiny packets of dried herbs and spices sold in bulk at your local drug store. You won’t believe how easy and tasty they are to make.

Campfire Cinnamon Oatmeal

You can never have too much oatmeal. If you love to snack on sugar-rich foods during the day, then this dessert is for you. In addition to its energy boosting benefits, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar. And since it’s oats, it’s good for you too. So if you like a dessert that’s good for you too, this is one of the healthier campfire favorites.

Campfire Toffee

Who says you can’t have a chocolate treat while you’re camping? This delectable chocolate is so rich and decadent, you may never want to leave the campfire. Prepare the toffee cookies before you light your fire and let them cool off. Then, serve them on the fire, yes, on the big hot, smoldering fire that burns right beside your camping tent.

Campfire Orange Squares

Who doesn’t love a citrusy desert? A great way to incorporate orange into your camping experience, make this campfire orange-squared desert while you relax by the fire or wait for the other campers to catch up.

If you don’t think you can handle any of these super-healthy desserts, fear not. You can always have an over-the-counter diabetes cure while you’re away from home. There are plenty of sugar-free, diabetic friendly camping desserts available. Just remember to bring along enough snacks so that none of your meals become bored. After all, the point of camping is to have fun!

Hot Dog And Bourbon Chicken

You don’t have to be at the campground to enjoy one of these delicious hot dog and bourbon chicken desserts. Bring a dip to bring with you or go ahead and make your own from scratch. Either way, this is a great way to satisfy cravings without having to worry about counting calories all night long. Just remember to have fun with it, too.

Hot Apple Cider Vinegar Dessert

This dessert is perfect for summer campfires and cookouts. You’ll never be too hungry when you’re eating apples dipped in apple cider vinegar with maple syrup and a lot of canned goods. This is also a great way to quench your thirst without the hassles of rinsing.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to camping desserts. Just make sure you bring plenty of snacks, so none of your meals become bored. And, don’t forget to take lots of minutes! Good luck and happy camping!

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