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Mistakes You Should Avoid In A Camping Trip

A good camping trip can recharge you if everything goes according to the plan. However, if you have a bad experience, you might want to give up the idea to explore nature for good. There are many things that can go wrong when you camp and at times, it is just out of your control. Nevertheless, at other times, your own mistakes can ruin the camping trip. Some such common mistakes you need to avoid have been given below.

Mistakes You Should Avoid In A  Camping Trip
Mistakes You Should Avoid In A Camping Trip

Planning A Camping Trip – Carrying An Unreliable Fire-Lighter

One of the primary things that you should carry while camping is the waterproof matches. Make sure that the one you are carrying can burn for 10-15 seconds in high winds or when submerged in water. At times, people carry lighter only to learn that it is out of fuel or isn’t working. Some people also use the igniter switch present on the camp stove. However, you should keep in mind that these igniters can fail.

Choosing The Wrong Tent

Tent varies in its features, quality, ease of setup, and style. It is important that you get the perfect tent for the camping trip if you have to be comfortable during the night. One of the most important factors to consider choosing a tent is the size. Count thirty square feet for each camper. Also, the tent that you are choosing can withstand harsh weather conditions. Check the poles, fabric, and the zippers before you leave for the trip. You do not want a broken tent after arriving at the site.

Bad Meal Preparation

Often, first-time campers bring along food which can easily rot or spoil by trusting a cooler for keeping steaks, meats, or burgers cool for a period of 4-5 days. It is a big mistake. You have to get food items that won’t perish easily for staving off hunger, especially if you are planning any kind of strenuous activities such as mountain biking or hiking.

Not Preparing A-List

When you plan for a camp, you will have to put in a lot of preparation. You should know that there is more to camping than carrying a good tent or organizing a campfire. In case you are packing without a list, you are sure to miss out on some things. While preparing the list, you have to organize some sections. Keep the must-have items separate from the emergency items. Everything should be easily accessible. Create a list and check them off as you pack them. The list of each camper is going to be unique as it depends on where you are going and the activities that you plan to take part in.

Mistakes You Should Avoid In A  Camping Trip
Mistakes You Should Avoid In A Camping Trip

Ignore Wildlife For A Good Camping Trip

Sure, a camper won’t mind occasional raccoon or deer. However, if you do not take proper care, the wildlife of the area might lead to some problems. Make sure that you pack the meals in plastic bags. This helps in minimizing the smells and will keep pests away. Make sure that you dispose of the leftover items carefully. Keep the tent fly closed if you are not inside. You should be alert and know what you have to do when you encounter a potentially dangerous animal.

All the tips come to down one simple principle that is to prepare yourself. You need to think that any thing can happen and ensure you are ready for the prospective disasters.

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