Methods to cook coal BBQ

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The Coal Barbecue is an important part of food used to cook on coal or meat. To cook meat, it is recommended to use coal BBQ to cook the best you can with the following methods.

1. Clean pan without any seasoning

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A new coal barbecue cooking with a clean pan without any seasoning so that you can cook meat on coal BBQ directly. Whole chicken or fish grilled marinated is sometimes cooked first on the grill, then cooked over coal barbecues.

2. Oil pan

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Used oil spray on the cooking grill to prevent goods from sticking. This is done to ensure the meat does not stick onto the barbecue grills while cooking, which allows easier food removal.

3. Use coal BBQ stand for stand-up chicken or fish

Coal barbecues are often used by creating a stand with chicken legs or fish to provide a special way. This allows for better cooking performance.

4. Cooking methods for good and bad chicken on coal BBQ

If you want to cook meat well, we recommend you to use the following cooking method: marinated meat and put it in aluminum foil and cook it back and forth so that the inside of the chicken is not burned, then cooked on coal BBQ.

If you want to cook meat that is not too well done, put the coal barbecues directly on the pan, then put the chicken or fish grilled directly on coal barbecue and use tongs to turn it over until cooked.

5. Cooking method for good and bad goat satay meat on coal BBQ

For satay meat, the proper way to cook is to marinate meat satay and cover it with aluminum foil until ready for cooking on coal BBQ. Meat that has been cooked well covered with cooking oil must be served immediately then served together while still hot because the goat meat will tend to dry when left too long.

If you want to cook goat satay meat that is not too well done, put the coal barbecues directly on the pan and grill chicken or fish grilled chicken legs. Turn it over until cooked or use a fork to turn it over until cooked until no longer pink inside.

6. Meat Tenderizer best for Coal BBQ cooking

To improve taste, you can use a meat tenderizer, especially beef satay. Meat tenderizing increases the chances of softness when cooked on coal BBQ.

7. Cleaning Coal Barbecue Grill

After cooking, clean up immediately because food residue left on the grill bars will discolor and rust so that it is not easy to clean off later.

8. Tricks to Increase Coal BBQ Life in Long Term

After cooking, use a brush to clean the grills of any remaining food particles so that it is not too difficult to remove when using coal barbecues next time. Coat the barbecue grills with cooking oil until no excess oil on the outside so that it will be easier to clean next time.

9. How to choose Coal BBQ Grill

Choose a coal barbecue that is best suited according to the size and number of people who will be cooked. If it is for personal only, use small coal barbecues with a diameter of 20 cm (7-8 inches) and if there are many people, we recommend using large coal barbecues with a diameter of 30 cm (12 inches).

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