Delicious Camping Desserts You Can Make On Your Next Camping Trip - Delicious Camping Desserts You Can Make On Your Next Camping Trip -

Delicious Camping Desserts You Can Make On Your Next Camping Trip

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This is the perfect way to celebrate your hard work in harvesting berries and preparing the other ingredients for your campfire dessert. When in doubt of what to serve, make it a point to bring along the most popular camping desserts. They will surely make your camp life worthwhile.

Marshmallow Fluff Cake

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Marshmallow Fluff Cake is a must-try when you’re in a camping mood. It is light, fluffy, and ready to eat anytime. You can use white or brown marshmallows to make this dessert. Combine two egg yolks, two cups of sour cream, two teaspoons of vanilla essence, and three or four tablespoons of sugar. Then, beat the yolk until it is smooth and lumpy.

You may also enjoy a Campfire Green Tea Cake. This is another great alternative to a traditional cake. The tea is mixed with a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice. After that, it is mixed with orange juice and some honey. It should be refrigerated before serving so you don’t have to wait until the campfire is blazing. You can also add some raisins and candies on top to make it more appealing.

Bake A Variety Of Cakes

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Another delicious option would be to bake a variety of cakes. For example, you can make a Sponge Bob Birthday Cake or a Spiderman and Cinderella cake. You can also go with your kids and make a personalized cake for each of them. If you’re in a mood to experiment, you can try baking a fortune cookie.

Delicious cookies are an excellent choice as well. Baked cookies are light and healthy. They will keep you filled up for hours, which will be good for campfire food. To make cookies, you can use a cookie recipe kit or simply just buy some sugar, flour, eggs, butter, and vanilla. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a batch of yummy cookies.

In case you really want to bring something special along when you go camping, don’t forget to bring some snacks. Your meals might not last very long if you’re hungry. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring along some instant snacks. These include chips, candies, cookies, and other hard candy, but you should also make sure that these foods don’t contain chemicals or preservatives. You can find good camping snack options in your local superstore.

Peanut Butter Cookies And Jelly Sandwiches

A couple of good alternatives are peanut butter cookies and jelly sandwiches. Both of these foods are good if you want to go really easy on your stomach. Just be sure to put lots of ice on top of both of these foods so you won’t succumb to hunger. If you want to have dessert later on, fruits are also a good option. Just be sure to pack some extra fruits so you can eat them anytime you feel like eating cake.

Summing Up

You can also make camping desserts a lot more interesting if you play around with different flavors. Try making cinnamon rolls. Or, you can bake brownies, cookies, and bars. You can also make popsicles and cookie sandwiches. Whatever your heart desires, there’s sure to be a delicious dessert that will top off your meal. So when you head out on your next camping trip, think about what you have at home that could make for an interesting camping dessert.

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