Cooking Meats and Stuff in Your Camp Kitchen

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Outdoor cookery has been around ever since man discovered fire. Cooking outdoors with heated stones, charcoal, or wood is a very popular pastime today. But it is not the only type of outdoor cooking there is. In this article I will go over three very popular types of outdoor cooking:

Outdoor Cooking Tips

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Outdoor Cooking with a Dutch Oven Cooking over an open fire is incredibly similar to cooking indoors. The only main difference is that you are cooking outdoors. An open fire is much safer for food than a kitchen stove and you don’t have the stoves and ventilation system that you do in your kitchen. Cooking with a Dutch oven is a very easy way to prepare meals, but with the low heat and limited cooking space it’s also quite difficult. Cooking in a Dutch oven is best done with a gas burner.

Outdoor Cooking with a Stoneware Platter Or Dish Cooking on the patio or deck is best done with a cast iron platter or dish. These dishes are easy to clean and keep and are also very portable. I’m sure you’ve seen a picnic table set with a platter on it. These are very nice if you want to cook a big meal on the deck or patio. They come in a variety of colors and materials. You can find them at any outdoor kitchen store or even via amazon.

Grilling with Outdoor Fireplaces A lot of people use outdoor fireplaces for cooking. There are several advantages to grilling with fireplaces. One is that they are so much easier to start than a camp stove is and there is no need for a chimney. For outdoor cooking with a fireplace, you need to make sure that the fuel that’s used is treated to avoid leaking chemicals into the air.

Foil Cooking If you have a camp stove, you can still do backwoods cooking. All you need is a frying pan and you can quickly cook over an open flame. For the best results, use a cast iron skillet with no oil. This will help prevent burning and your food will stay moist longer.

Backwoods Cooking With a Campfire To really roast your own beans, pork or beef, you will need to make a pot from scratch. However, if you are going to roast some vegetables, you can roast them in a pot that has been put over an open fire. If the fire is small, you can still use the same type of pot that you would use for roasting vegetables. If the fire is too big, you should get a bigger pan and put it on the campfire.

Cooked Meat In the wild, many people would use a pot to cook their meats. For camp cooks, this is not always possible so instead, they will take their meal to an oven or grill. When you are ready to cook a big meal, opt for a big pan with a lid and place all of your ingredients inside of it. When your meat has cooked enough, take it out of the oven or grill and let it rest.

End Note

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Outdoor Cooking With Dutch Ovens If you live in an area where there are not any gas or electric utilities, you may want to cook your meals in a Dutch oven. A Dutch oven is similar to a griddle except you will use it outside. You can buy Dutch ovens at most home stores or online. Many people prefer to roast their foods in a dutch oven rather than in a regular pan because the pan is smaller. For roasting fish, try roasting it with an olive oil and salt solution.

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