Campstove – Buying Tips For Your Camping

Campstove - Buying Tips For Your Camping

A Campstove, however tiny it may be, is still an essential item for the camping trips. Every new person for camping is usually inquisitive to know what to buy and what to avoid while camping.

It is a great piece of equipment to have in the campground. Campfires are actually the most comfortable way to heat up your food while cooking. You can find out all kinds of information that will help you choose the right camp stove for your needs. Here are some tips for buying one.

Campstove Dimensions – There is no rule that you must buy the largest Campstove that you can find. It depends on your preferences as well as the available space of your campground. We recommend that you get a stove with a cooking surface which is around two feet square. This will ensure that you will be able to put your food in an organized manner.

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The Cooking Range

The cooking range should be long enough so that it can comfortably accommodate your choice of food. If you are camping in a tent then choose a stove that is adjustable and comes with an automatic shut-off mechanism. If you are camping in the open then choose a camp stove that has a minimum height of eight inches.

The Cooking Range – Keeps the cooking range at least three feet away from the fire pit. This will ensure that the fire does not catch on fire and your food gets evenly cooked.

Ensure that the power cord is properly connected. Avoid placing any other appliances such as fans, ovens, or blenders near the Campstove.

Place it somewhere where there are adequate space and enough floor space to easily set it up. In case you are going to use the stove often then it is better to have it at a place where it is near the cooking grill.

Make sure that it is easily accessible and within easy reach. Make sure that you will be able to set it up in a short period of time.

Buying Campstove

You can also check with your campground if they have a camp stove and if yes then check with the camp store where you are buying your Campstove. If you can find one that is not too expensive then definitely go for it. However, in case your campground does not have a Campstove you can always purchase a second hand from a local flea market.

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Other Things to Consider – If you are going to be cooking a lot of meals then you should consider buying a Campstove that is portable. Check with your camp store, whether they sell portable Campstove or if there is any camp stove that would fit your needs. A portable Campstove will be cheaper than a first-rate Campstove that has a higher quality.

You can go camping and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities without investing a huge amount of money in a Campstove. You will need the equipment that is compatible with your own needs. It should be comfortable to use.


Buy it when you need it but do not buy it as a holiday tradition. You can start a trend and after you do not need your Campstove anymore then you can sell it or donate it to a friend.

Buying a Campstove is not as difficult as many people believe. There are some important things that you need to consider before you buy your Campstove

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