Camping Ideas for Dinner That You Should Try

Camping Ideas for Dinner

Summer is the time of PRIME camping. Even if you have been doing this for years, there are many ways to improve your cooking routine. Try out our favourite camping ideas for dinner and foil pack recipes for even more healthful outdoor snacks.

Camping Food Prep

Preparing a little food can save a lot of time and clean up as soon as you head up to your campsite. Make sure to prepare your supplies, yourself and of course your camera for the enjoyment you are about to have. 

Campfire Potatoes

camping ideas for dinner grilled potatoes
Camping ideas for dinner grilled potatoes

Grilling over a campfire is our favourite moment to do, and it’s so easy to throw everything into a foil pack! These are quick to cook up and make a fantastic side dish. If you don’t want to roast or make these over the kitchen, they’ll work well in the oven too!

Foil Pack Chicken Nachos

The base chips on the plate bring on a crunchiness close to that of Migas— and we’re totally in love. We enjoy these nachos with chicken, but in cooked ground beef or roast pork, you can easily swap. 

The quickest dish to prepare for — plus, on some of your favourite toppings you can add. Perfect camping dinner idea.

Berry Crisp Foil Packs

All year round, berry crisps are delicious, but you probably didn’t know it’s something you could shove on the grill. Choose the vanilla ice cream on top and snag a spoon.

Veggie Burritos

Here is another outdoor favourite of mine. I like to make it with tortillas, lettuce, avocado, refried canned beans or black beans, salsa, onion, vegan cheese, and grated carrots. Continue to put them on foil and cook them over the fire on the grill, so that the cheese can melt. Serve with chips of tortilla, salsa and love.

Pizza Bread

camping ideas for dinner pizza bread
Camping ideas for dinner pizza bread

This camping idea for dinner will come in clutch when you are out of delivery range.

One of our favourite summer foods is toasted pizza, but if we’re honest, it’s a bit tedious to make. On the other hand, pizza bread is delightfully simple.

Prepare to Enjoy

Seek not to feel stressed when you make a meal schedule. The earlier you can do the better in advance if you have time. You can always hack away at some meal preparation and freeze it until it’s needed. It is nice to have your camping ideas beforehand. 

Once I go camping in a couple of weeks, I will make sure that I take some pictures of it from start to finish and you can see how simple and fun it can be to make a camping trip based on plans. And of course, my camping ideas for dinner and snacks-list with me. Now your turn to prepare and enjoy! 

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