Camping Cooking Over Fire Essentials You Should Carry This Time - Camping Cooking Over Fire Essentials You Should Carry This Time -

Camping Cooking Over Fire Essentials You Should Carry This Time

Camping Cooking Over Fire

The best part about a camping trip is gathering food around the campfire and cooking it. Nothing beats the smell of the food, along with the crackling sound of wood made during camping. Human beings have been cooking around the fire for millions of years, and cooking around a fire feels more natural than cooking on a stove. Camping cooking over the fire and friends and family makes the food taste great and creates many memories. It is the camping cooking over the fire along with stories, is what makes every camping trip special. In this article, the reader will learn all about cooking over the fire the right way.

Things Needed For Camping Cooking Over a Fire

A man that is on fire

Following are some important things needed for camping cooking: –

The first and important piece of equipment is the correct cooking surface. There are many types of cooking surfaces, such as grill gates, rotisserie spit and grill, cast iron tripod, and Dutch oven sand. A grill gate is used for cooking foods over an open fire. On the rotisserie grill, items like corn or potatoes can be made on the spit above the grill and can be used to cook a rotisserie chicken.

The next important equipments are the pots and pans. The food that the person is going to cook should be decided ahead of time and accordingly the pots and pans such as cast-iron grill and griddle, cast-iron Dutch oven and skillet can be used.

Some useful accessories for camping cooking over the fire are grill gloves, a steel log grabber to adjust coals, a wire grill brush to remove food and clean the grill, pie iron for making sandwiches, and steel skewers.

How To Build A Fire For Campfire Cooking

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Following are the factors to consider while building a fire: –

Dry, seasoned wood

Correct location away from grass, dirt, or any other debris that would catch fire immediately. Pre-built fire pits are the ideal choice. If not available, then make sure the overhead does not have tree branches.

If the winds are strong, camping cooking over fire could be done on a different day as more winds mean it can cause runaway sparks or not light the fire.

Cooking Tips For Ideal Campfire Cooking

Plan what is to be cooked, and only the required items should be brought to the campsite.

Prepare as much as ingredients at home rather than panicking at the campsite.

Do not light huge fires using more wood as it may cause the food to get burnt.

Start the fire at least an hour before cooking to give the coals and wood plenty of time to get hot.

Aluminum foils should be carried as they are easy to clean, and vegetables can be tossed in them for cooking.


Preparing food at the campsite is an adventure on its own, but the person should be prepared to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. This time, you can be sure of the fact that you are carrying all possible essentials.

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