A brief about charcoal BBQ cooking

Grilling is an act where ingredients are cooked with dry heat from an open flame, without the use of oil or water. The most familiar types are grilling meat on skewers, known as shish kebab, and cooking at a small bbq. This traditional cooking method has been practiced since ancient times in various parts of the world.

The general basis of grilling

A close up of food on a grill

The general basis of grilling is to expose food to high heat for a short amount of time. This can be done either by hot air, direct heat, or radiant heat. The high heat sears the meat to prevent juices from spilling out during cooking, and it also creates that characteristic smoky flavor. As for the bbq, it provides an opportunity to use wood smoke to add a bold aroma to your food. In addition, grilling allows you to cook large chunks of meat evenly on both sides, making your cooking time shorter.

Foods that are suitable for grilling

A close up of food on a grill

The following are some foods that you can quickly grill at home or enjoy during a picnic with your friends and family. When it comes to vegetables, nothing beats the simplicity of grilling them directly over the fire! It brings out their natural flavors and makes them irresistibly tasty. If you like vegetables, check out these easy grilled vegetable recipes. For meats, most people prefer to use chicken breast or tenderloin, but if you want to try something different, why not go for beefsteak? When it comes to seafood, nothing beats the smoky flavor of grilled salmon!

The following are some methods to cook charcoal bbq:

1. Direct grilling vs indirect grilling

Indirect grilling, you place your food directly above the heat source, which requires a grill with a lid. This method is suitable for meats that need less cooking time, such as tenderloin or chicken breast. On the other hand, in indirect grilling, you place your food away from the heat source and cook it indirectly. This method is suitable for meats that need longer cooking time, such as beefsteak or ribs.

2. Using a charcoal bbq vs gas grill :

If you want to try out different kinds of meat, you can go for a charcoal bbq! This method of cooking is suitable for beginners as it allows them to place ingredients closer or further from the heat source, depending on how well done they want their food. If you are pressed for time, gas grills are your best choice! With different settings on your device, you can cook food in a shorter amount of time. This method is suitable for those who want to grill large batches during parties.

3. Cooking temperature:

Although you can always adjust the heat level depending on your preference, it is recommended that you start by grilling at medium heat. After all, you don’t want to scorch your food and end up with a burnt exterior and raw center. As for how long you should grill your ingredients, refer to the table below.

Food (Weight) Heat (Min) Total Cooking Time (Min) Pan-Fried Food (0.5 lbs) High 350 12 Broiled Food (0.5 lbs) High 450 15 Grilled Food (0.5 lbs) Medium 325 10 Fried Food (1 lb) High 375 15 Broiled Food (1 lb) High 450 20 Grilled Food (1 lb) Medium 400 18

4. Grill maintenance:

After you are done grilling, your grill will be covered with residue and dirt, making it hard to clean up later. That’s why it is recommended that you clean your grill with a wire brush before and after grilling, to remove the food residue.

Also, make sure to cover your bbq after you are done cooking, as it will help speed up the clean-up process and prevent rain from getting into your device. If you don’t have a cover, you can also use aluminum foil to cover the grates.

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