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5 Campfire Cooking Tips Every Camper Should Know

While you are camping in the woods, you are away from the kitchen. There is no way you can get fast food or order takeout. This scenario can get some people anxious. Campfire cooking is safe and easy. However, you will have to make sure that you are following the tips given below.

Light The Right Fire For Campfire Cooking

You should never start a fire until you make sure that it is a safe place. In case you do not have a fire pit, it is necessary to look for an area that doesn’t have much loose dirt, debris, and dirt within a perimeter of 10 feet. Scout for tree roots as they will catch fire easily. It is better to stay away from branches that hang low. The basic rule is to have thrice the height of the fire in a space that is unobstructed.

5 Campfire Cooking Tips Every Camper Should Know
5 Campfire Cooking Tips Every Camper Should Know

You also have to decide why you are setting up the campfire. In case it is just for cooking, you should set up a hunter’s fire. In case you are looking to cover the fire so that you can use it later for entertainment, you should use the teepee method. This way it will burn steadily and much longer.

Choose The Right Recipe- The Campfire Cooking Style

It is always better to keep your meal simple such as tacos, one-pan casseroles, grilled meats. Anything that you can put inside the foil and stuff in coals is good. In case it is something that you cook often at home and needs several pans then it is better to avoid it. You can get recipe books on campfire cooking.

Carry The Right Equipment

You can surely use a camp stove but if you want to have the best meal, it is better to cook in a cast iron. It is easy to clean when camping. You can also carry a saute pan. Dutch ovens are great as they are excellent for bread, stews, cobblers, and many other food items.

Make sure that you have a silicone sleeve or potholder to hold the handle and not burn your fingers. Plier tools can also prove to be useful for handling the pans. One of the best things about this is the hook at the end which helps to catch the Dutch oven’s metal handle. Nevertheless, cast irons are pretty heavy, so carefully consider the number of pans and pots you want.

In case the campsite doesn’t have a grate over the fire, you are going to require a portable grate unless you want to cool everything on coals inside the tin foils.

5 Campfire Cooking Tips Every Camper Should Know
5 Campfire Cooking Tips Every Camper Should Know

Carry Paper Towels

You might think that you will be able to do it without paper towels and that you are not going to need them. However, they are important and you are sure to need them. it will be useful for wiping your hands or the pots you are carrying.

Prepare Correctly

Whatever you have to measure or chop, has to be done in advance. Remember, there are space and time crunch. Chop and measure the ingredients and keep them in separate containers. This way you will be able to put them in the pan and cook whenever you want. Make sure you carry pre-measured batches of dry, as well as wet ingredients. Make sure you combine them prior to baking. The perfect containers are plastic storage containers or bell jars.

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