5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips For This Winter

5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips for This Winter

Winter is at its pick and the holiday season is here. The cold season is the best time to get together with families and friends. Learn more about BBQ grilling with us.

Rarely people plan for winter outdoor camping. Summer is best for outdoor camping while winter is best for a backyard BBQ party with your friends and families.

There are lots of grilling ideas you can try this winter. There are lots of information on the web, try doing some quick search and plan the best BBQ grilling party in your backyard or on your rooftop.

Here are some tips to have an awesome BBQ grilling party. These are some basic things which you should keep in mind even before you start your BBQ stove.

5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips For This Winter
5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips For This Winter

1. Check The Weather For BBQ Grilling

Identify from which direction the wind is blowing and find a spot to set up your cooking stove to save the flame from the blustering wind.

Setting up the spot close to a structure or house can help you block those cold gusts. But make sure do not cook in an enclosed area. At least two sides of the spot should be open.

2. Buy Extra Fuel For BBQ Grilling

If the food takes 20minutes to cook in the summer, it will take 30 minutes in the winter. Fuel act differently during winter. You will need an extra temperature to keep the grill warm in winter. Buy extra fuel and keep it safe. You never know when you will run out of fuel.

Make use of ceramic cookware to keep the food at its temperature.

3. Heat The Grill In Advance

Every grill is different, and it takes its own specific time to heat. But in winter, you need additional heat to bring the grill to its temperature.

Warm the grill for an additional 5 minutes so it can combat the cold climate. But don’t use a full flame to heat the grill. Let the flame be at its lowest and let it take time to heat. Further, using a full flame might not heat the core area of the grill.

4. Check Your Cooking Time

Every food requires a specific amount of time to cook both in summer and winter. Also, the time you spend on cooking non-veg food in summer may differ from winter. So don’t leave your food on the grill as you would in the summer BBQ.

If you often BBQ in winter, you may have an idea about how much time it requires cooking each food. Because if you are planning a BBQ grilling party this winter for the first time, stand beside the grill until the food gets cooked and keep a record of the time for your next winter BBQ party.

5. Saves Your Fuel

Don’t turn off your grilling stove everything you finish cooking an item. Bring the flame down to its lowest point and warm up another pan for the next cook.

Every time you turn off and on your stove you consume more fuel. Moreover, make sure to prepare another item while the food on the grill gets cooked.

5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips For This Winter
5 Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips For This Winter


These are some basic tips which you should keep in mind while planning for a winter BBQ grilling events. To have a smooth winter BBQ party use the tips mentioned above.

On the other hand, winter BBQ can be as enjoyable as the summer BBQ party. Further, you just need to learn some tips and follow them.

Indeed make sure to wear warm clothes to enjoy the event.

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