2 Most Important Camping Accessories You Should Never Forget

Who does not enjoy camping? If you haven’t tried camping, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful moments in your life. But if you don’t know about camping, I am sure you don’t have any idea about Camping accessories.

Childhood is the best time for a picnic and camping. As we grow older, we are so caught up with the world that we forget to breathe the air of nature.

2 Most Important Camping Accessories You Should Never Forget
2 Most Important Camping Accessories You Should Never Forget

If you are thinking of camping, only planning is not enough. Besides, you should plan your budget and purchase all the camping accessories to make sure you don’t get into trouble in the forest.

Make a list of all the camping accessories and make the purchase. But, in this article, I will point two accessories that are more important than any other camping accessories. These accessories are the basic ones which you should not make a mistake of forgetting them.

Matchbox Or Lighter – The Most Important Camping Accessories

You may not take this item into account but just imagine you are in the jungle with two of your friends. One of your friends is busy taking photos, and another friend is busy setting up the tent.

You gather some stones, collect some dry bushes and woods. As you reach out to your pocket to find a lighter, you find nothing. You ask your friends and both of them don’t have one.

What Will You Do In This Situation?

Your entire camping event is a mess. Other than chatting with friends, you have nothing to do. You won’t be able to sleep because it will worry you. What if the wild animals attack you?

If you know the tribal method of making fire with dry wood, you can save your day. If not that will be the worst camping event in your life. So, make sure you keep a pair of lighter or matchbox in your pocket.

Cutting Knife For Camping Accessories

Another most important camping accessories is a knife. Don’t underestimate the importance of a knife in a camping event.

You will need a knife literally for everything while you are out for camping. The incident of not carrying a knife happens to me.

We were a group of 6 boys, all between the ages of 9 to13. We planned for a picnic. Also, we collected 100rs from each one of us. And we divided ourselves into 3 teams. Additionally, we assigned each of the teams to bring different picnic accessories. Further, they assigned my team to bring cooking utensils. 

We reach the picnic spot at 9 am after walking for 2 hours. We settle down and unpacked our things. As we were busy with our assigned work. One of our friends who was unpacking vegetables shouted, “where is the knife?”

 Everybody of us looked at him. Within a few minutes, we all came to know that we had forgotten the knife. Every one of us looked at each other. None of us have thought about the knife. The eldest one in the group started shouting at everyone. We were all helpless. The eldest friend and I walked 1 hour to a nearby village and borrowed a knife.

2 Most Important Camping Accessories You Should Never Forget
2 Most Important Camping Accessories You Should Never Forget

We save our day. But, what if there was no village nearby. We would have to return home canceling our picnic party. Further, whenever I plan for any picnic or camping event, I always bring my own lighter and knife even if nobody told me.


Sometimes we neglect small things not only for camping but also in our lives. These small things are the basic ones which can light up or mess up your camping.

But make sure you don’t forget a Knife and a Lighter. Additionally, always keep in your pocket before you go camping.

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